Interpretation Of Why Messi’s Temper Has Become Hot; He Wants This Champion So Much

Messi led Argentina to defeat the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the World Cup and advanced to the top 4. The two teams clashed many times during the game. Messi directly “talked” with Dutch coach Van Garder after the game, and criticized him by name during the interview. It seemed to counter what Louis van Gaal said before the game, and it seemed to involve Louis van Gaal and Argentina for many years of grievances; he also publicly rebuked the referee for not being, contrary to his usual peaceful image.

Regarding why Messi’s character suddenly became rude, public have some analyzation on it. They think that it was because Messi was very eager for the World Cup championship.

Mostly said: “At this stage, Messi’s desire for this World Cup is already very strong. Not only did he use his performance to infect his teammates, he also came out to inspire everyone. A character like Messi can do such a thing, he really wants this World Cup champion.”

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