Luka Modrić Blamed The Referee as a Disaster, That shouldn’t be a Penalty

Argentina advanced to final after defeating Croatia 3-0, but the penalty they won in the game had caused controversy .Croatia’s goalkeeper Livakovic collided with Alvarez in the penalty area, and referee Orsato awarded a penalty. However, Modric was not satisfied with the referee’s decision and said “this is not a penalty”.

“This was a critical moment in the game. He didn’t give us a corner and awarded us a penalty. For me, this was not a penalty because he was shooting and then collided with our goalkeeper. I couldn’t believe it when I awarded a penalty. This changed the game.”

Modric is already thinking about the next game, “I never talk about referees, but it’s impossible not to talk about it today. He is one of the worst referees I know. Not just because of today’s game. He has judge the competitions I participated in many times, and my memory of him has never been good. He was a disaster.”Modric severely criticized the Italian referee Orsato.

Regarding whether this is his last competition, Modric said: “I don’t know, we will see. Now is not the time to talk about this issue.”At the moment, he only has Saturday’s game left, and he will play against France or Morocco. “This is related to a bronze medal, and we must be prepared.”Modric said.

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