Barcelona vs. Inter Milan Tomorrow

On Wednesday, Barcelona will host Inter Milan in the Champions League group stage. Barcelona star Pedri said before the game: “This game will be played as a final.”

The Champions League Group C is the group of death. After 3 rounds, Bayern Mun topped the list with 9 points, Inter Milan ranked second with 6 points, and Barcelona only scored 3 points. The qualifying situation is not optimistic.

In the first round, Barcelona lost to Inter Milan, and in the second round, Pedri said: “We are looking forward to playing against Inter Milan again. This game is like a final for us. Our goal is to reach the top 16. We will do everything. Working hard to qualify, whether it’s for financial or football reasons, we want to go one step further.”

Pedri said: “We were a bit slack, especially defensively, but this team has the ability to move forward.”

In the first 3 rounds, Barcelona only scored 3 points in the victory of Pilsen. Pedri believes that Inter Milan may aim to maintain a level. He appealed to the fans to support the team, “The previous results were not what we expected, we need Improve your performance.”

“The head coach Xavi asked us to move the ball more and find space to attack. Of course it’s good to qualify, but the team must win this game first. After the last loss to Inter Milan, we took a lot of blows, but it didn’t last long because We still have games to play, so the most important thing is to focus. Personally, I’m also comfortable in a position closer to the striker, which is like a duck to water.”

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