Haaland assists the team’s championship

In the Champions League group stage, Manchester City defeated Dortmund 2-1, Haaland lore helped the team win, De Bruyne was officially rated as the best of the game by UEFA, but the score of the data website, Cancelo 7.9 points in the audience Highest.

Cancelo played 90 minutes in this game. The data shows that in this campaign, he touched the ball 133 times, passed the ball 107 times, and passed the ball 95 times accurately, with an accuracy rate of 89%.

He sent 2 key passes and 1 created a scoring opportunity. 7 long pass 5 times in place, 1 out of 5 crosses in place.

Cancelo missed 1 shot on target and provided 1 assist. Haaland’s goals in the game came from his assists.

He won 4 of 7 ground fights, and 1 of the top fights were successful.

Cancelo had 1 interception, 1 steal, 1 foul and 1 violation. Lost the ball 19 times.

The heat map of the game shows that Cancelo is very active on the left side of the midfield.

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