Juventus 0-3 Villarreal

Villarreal beat Juventus 3:0 away in the just-ended UEFA Champions League. With a score of 4:1, Villarreal eliminated their opponents and reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

This game is even after you watch the first round, and then look at the coaching styles of the two teams.

People fell asleep during the first round of the match between the two teams. Vlahovic’s opening blitz and Parejo’s goal were the only things that made the game interesting.

It all comes down to the style and level of the two teams.

People think that buying Vlahovic for 80 million is a big part of Juventus’s revival.

Since then, we have seen how this team has gone downhill even more after winning nine straight Serie A games.

Allegri was a bad choice for Juventus to make again, according to my own opinion. Because they chose Pirlo, they made a bigger mistake than this.

The way Allegri plays is completely out of step with the rest of the Serie A teams.

Even though Mourinho isn’t liked, Allegri isn’t liked as much. During the last half of the season, Juventus hasn’t done well in Serie A, which shows that Allegri isn’t very good at football. As far as Juventus players are concerned, they should do better than the fourth place they are now in Serie A.

If they didn’t have Vlahovic, it would be hard for them to even score at home from Huang Qian.

It is true that the head coaches of both teams are well-known coaches, too. After the first game between the two teams ended in a tie, the second round was still very close. This is because of their coaching experience, as well as their good results in cup games.

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