Another team has a shock victory! Japan beats Germany 2-1

Another team has a shock victory! Japan beats Germany 2-1

Argentina is no longer lonely, run with Germany! Japan is slay!

On the previous match day, Saudi Arabia reversed the process and results of defeating Argentina 2-1, sweeping away the weak performance of the previous two West Asian teams in terms of strength. Now, it’s the turn for Japan to make it.

However, even so, many people can’t have more expectations for the Japan team, because they have to face the powerful German team.

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Although before the opening, Flick lost Werner’s poor grasp of opportunities, but still scarce forward elements, but compared with the Japan team, he still has very good cards in his hands.

However, he helped Japan football prove itself again, and the courage shown by the latter is as touching as that of Saudi Arabia the day before.

We must see that the victory of the Japanese team has a lot of luck. If the German team’s ability to seize opportunities is a little better, the Japanese team will lose the game without any suspense.

Coach of Japan – Best observation and arrangement

Moriyasuichi - coach of Team Japan
Moriyasuichi – coach of Team Japan

However, just like yesterday’s Saudi reversal against Argentina, luck certainly played a part in it. But first their coach, Moriyasuichi showed his keen observation ability on German players. After that, Japanese players also showed their fearless courage.

Moribao’s half-time transformation into three defenders was very exciting, turning the original one-sided into a mutual advantage. Then he used quick adjustments to strengthen his running and offensive capabilities. Besides, began to test all aspects The ability and style of Schlotterbeck and Jule.

In stark contrast to this, is the dullness and carelessness shown by the German team from top to bottom. They are indeed the more capable side and have played more opportunities, but as long as there is no change in the scoreboard, everything is meaningless.

The coach identified the opponent’s weakness, and the players continued to move forward with the blessing of confidence and courage. This was the key factor for the Japanese team’s reversal.

Do these things well first, and then look forward to the favor of luck. Obviously, today’s Japanese team got what they wanted.

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