Ronaldo’s hair hit the ball? Get New Title — Hair of God

Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0 in the World Cup group stage. Portugal’s first goal sparked controversy over the identification of the scorer. Ronaldo named as “Hair of God”

The ball was passed and shot by Bruno Fernandez, Ronaldo competed for the top, and the ball went into the net. Judging from the slow motion, it is not clear whether Ronaldo touched the ball, and the FIFA later recorded the ball under the name of Bruno Fernandez.

On foreign social media, there has been controversy over who the player who scored the goal was. Some people think that Ronaldo’s hair may have touched the ball. As a result, some foreign netizens created a term called “Hair of God”, which quickly became popular on the Internet.

Ronaldo may not have scored the goal, but the Portuguese team did. Ronaldo celebrates passionately, so I think his teammates will be happy. He took the lead in celebrating passionately, so it can be said that it was Ronaldo’s goal.

"Hair of God" Cristiano Ronaldo

The term “Hair of God” is an imitation of the “God’s hand” that Maradona said. In the 1986 World Cup, the legendary Argentine star Maradona scored a handball goal against England, and the referee ruled that the goal was valid. Maradona once said after the game: “That part is Maradona’s head, and part is the hand of God.”

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