The Ukrainian Football Association officially complained to FIFA and demanded that Iran be expelled from the World Cup.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the Iranian team may be kicked out of the World Cup. Ukraine has previously appealed to FIFA over Iran’s actions around the world and at home.

The Ukrainian Football Association posted a message on its website saying that they decided to call on FIFA to exclude Iran from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in November this year.

This is a continuation of a complaint filed by Shakhtar Donetsk a few days ago. At that time, Shakhtar Donetsk asked Ukraine to replace Iran in the World Cup. This time, the Ukrainian Football Association did not make such a request.

It is said that Iran is providing weapons to Russia to support its continued fight against Ukraine.In addition, they also have some problems in the country.

The Daily Mail revealed that Ukraine is not the only country that is uneasy about Iran’s participation in the Qatar World Cup. Other countries have also privately expressed their concerns to FIFA.

However, sources said that FIFA is unlikely to kick Iran out of the World Cup at such a late stage, because the World Cup will start on November 20, and any decision to ban the Iranian team will open the door to a potentially costly and chaotic legal battle.

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association issued a statement on Monday afternoon explaining their position.

They said: “Taking into account the information in the media about Iran, these actions may violate the principles and norms of the FIFA Charter; taking into account the United Nations Security Council resolution 22.31 on sanctions against Iran, and the alleged Iranian participation in Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, we call on FIFA to make recommendations to consider excluding the Iranian national team from the 2022 World Cup.”

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