Always so strong? ! Argentina lost the first game but still qualified first ranking in the group! – Copy

In the third round of Group C of the 2022 World Cup, Argentina defeated Poland 2-0. Messi missed a point, McAllister and Alvarez scored goals, Argentina won the group top spot, and Poland won the second place in the group.

Argentina footballer - Messi

In this World Cup, Argentina was upset in the first round and suffered a 1-2 reversal from Saudi Arabia. However, they defeated Mexico and Poland one after another, and still qualified first in the group. Besides, they also avoided the mighty France in the 1/8 finals vs  Australia.

Since the 3-point system started in 1998, Argentina is only the third team to lose its first game and still win its group. In 2010, Spain ranked first and second (lost to Switzerland in the first game). While for Colombia in 2018 (lost to Japan in the first game) .

This is the 5th consecutive World Cup for Argentina to advance to the knockout stage, and it is the 15th time in team history that they have qualified for the group stage.

Leonal Messi from Argentina – Results in the match

Messi touched the ball as many as 98 times, 71 passes, and 60 were accurate.

He had 5 key passes. 1 pass was not in place, and 4 of 6 long passes were accurate.

In the game, Messi created 1 scoring opportunity, won 6 of 12 ground duels, and won 1 of 2 aerial duels.

Messi was fouled 2 times, and he also contributed 1 steal.

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